Education on sustainability is a key objective for CONOU. The best way to do this is to address young people. They will have to preserve the environment to ensure a sustainable and inclusive future.

Edu CONOU is a format that targets younger generations and leverages videos and other multimedia materials to teach them about sustainability and test their knowledge. The multimedia training contents can be used by teachers to prepare their lessons or directly by students.
Edu CONOU is a virtual space that is continuously being updated and is designed to increase ecological awareness in a clear and amusing way.

Providing information about the environment, whilst entertaining youth. Young people will have to preserve the environment for a sustainable and inclusive world.

Download the
Green League app and play with the environment

The value of environmental education, gamification as a tool for learning, awareness and involvement of Generation X and Z.

Oilbuster, collect used oil; Snuck, drive the Conou truck; Garble, make combos with waste; Green quiz, get bonuses.

Challenge your friends. test yourself . Start playing and become a real Green-League Hero yourself!