The Consortium

CONOU, the National Consortium of Waste Oils, is the excellence of the Italian circular economy that transforms used lubricating oils from waste into resources.
The Consortium is a model at the forefront in the international field: in Europe only 60% of collected waste oils are re-refined, while in Italy this ratio is about 99%. This process is able to guarantee various benefits such as:

Lower CO2 emissions

Reduced water and soil consumption

Lower costs in Country energy bill

Waste oil collection, treatment and regeneration.

The consortium collects, manages and regenerates used lubricants all-over Italy with excellent results, close to 100% circularity. CONOU coordinates about 60 companies spread on the Country to collect oils, sort it in their own facilities before sending it to the various disposal or recycle plants.

The CONOU between society and institutions.

The Consortium is a typical example of public-private cooperation; representatives of the Ministries of Ecological Transition and Economic Development sit on the Board of Auditors (supervisory body).